Step-by-Step Tips to Help You Through the Claims Process

Insurance companies typically follow a claims process with only slight differences.  Regardless of these differences, their ultimate goal is the same.  They need to collect specific information from you so your claim can be processed correctly and efficiently.  Fire-tech, inc. will work with you and your insurance company to attain this final goal with minimal hassles. Don't forget that regardless of who your insurance company prefers as a contractor, you have the right to select the contractor of your choice.

  1. First you must submit your claim to either your insurance agent or to your insurance company. Usually this can be done by phone or online. The agent who sold you your homeowners’ policy can provide guidance or they may even be able to submit the claim for you. For guidance on how to file the claim yourself, locate the phone number on your insurance policy to speak with their representative.

  2. After filing the claim a claim reference number will be assigned. usually an adjuster will also be assigned at that time as well. Even though insurance companies have different claims processes they all will all follow up with you in one of these ways. Some have field adjusters who will personally inspect the damage; others may use independent adjusters from other companies, or it could simply be a telephone adjuster, who relies on contractor estimates to settle claims.

  3. When it is an emergency it's essential to have a restoration contractor who is experienced at the initial inspection. They can be invaluable in stopping the damage from becoming worse.  To request service from one of our certified contractors, click here or call 800-232-6399.  Knowing your policy claim numbers and deductible dollar values will help us expedite the process. Response time varies; expect to hear from us within 30 minutes, with our technician on-site within 4 hours.

  4. Understand the insurance policy. It is critical to understand that it is your obligation to prevent any further damage from occurring. You must make sure that you; report your claim immediately, contact an experienced restoration contractor, and keep track of all expenses.  To be sure you receive payment for damages incurred, communications with your agent and/or adjuster is key. 

  5. Using a qualified restoration contractor who understands the insurance claims process and will prepare a detailed estimate is imperative. Fire-tech, inc. can help you by submitting our estimates to your insurance company and adjuster, in most cases, within 48 hours. This helps expedite the approval process allowing the repair work to be completed that much sooner.

  6. There are a few factors that can affect the time it takes for your claim to be settled. Depending upon amount of damage, contractor availability and insurance company claims handling processes, your claim may take between a few days to several months. Usually in emergency situations work can begin while estimating is still in progress. Fire-tech, inc. technicians are trained to work with you and your insurance company to reduce the time it takes to settle your claim and begin the repairing your property.

We understand that this is a difficult time for your and your family.  At times like these it really does pay to work with a firm who understands the insurance claims process and who knows how to return your property to normal quickly and efficiently.

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